Monday, January 2, 2017

Open Letter To Patrick Scott Patterson #3

The following should be viewed by our troops another scam Patrick proved the other night hate doesn't respect anyone but him and is out for himself and a paycheck. I will now ask why?????

Why is Patrick so immoral  and heartless,why does patrick insist on being a disgraceful person,man and father and a let down to his kids and wife...

Let's find out!!!!!!!!!!

You like to claim big thanks to those who fell a foul of your quadrilionth scam, of the decade. I see here you claim the message of you begging for money for hard working people and not deadbeats like yourself, and lazy good for nothing street grease.

You also claim it was a small amount well the next sentence coming up will prove that to be another one of your colorful fabricated lies, it was well over 100 Patrick and it's a fact.

You like to falsely claim only one shared your pity begging copy and pasted letter, when in fact many of your so called paid and or pushed followers, shared it home skillet.

You tried to claim with having no fucking clue who sent the info out there but, you than think you are a mobster and only to show you are a unstable, sad, and sniffing baby and pure strychnine to this world, by telling that person they have 24 hours to explain themselves.

Hey Patrick who the fuck do you think you are ? I see you claim this person violated your trust, well sounds like your entire life and world, everyone knows you cannot be trusted, sharing videos and info of others tactics as a ref, using others info and work, claiming to be yours for financial gain.

You expect this person to explain themselves in 24 hours or else and even funnier you are the one sleaze, that always denies and or has an excuse to explain yourself, of course you claim false on 2-5 things out of your 100000 things you did or had hands in doing, that were unethical and illegal and you know that.

You are very good at avoiding those other 99990 things you can never, seem to react or respond to you, hmmm why is that? I will personally guarantee anything you ignore and don't respond to proves you are guilty as sin and you do all in your power to report it and try to get it scrubbed, now that Rudy has a show and others are doing blogs and your private shit is being shared by people you would never suspect, it will rein on you worse than all gangs combined......

Finally someone stands up to you public besides Rudy and you right away twist it

Hollyanne Simon 1. If someone asks me if I was messaged by you I'm not going to say no :( Not into lying to anyone regardless of what people think of them or who it is. Not my thing.
2. Then stating what I responded with which was we are not in a place financially and my husband deploys next week to which your response was share the post anything helps. This to me is zero regard to anything others are going through which is more disappointing imo then sharing truth with someone asking online.
3. People love drawing things out of proportion. Facts were the only thing shared It was literally a three sentence convo so not sure how it could turn into a big to do and then a post and people commenting and acting like they know the situation (love the web). Beyond me. I also personally don't use the internet as a "floor". Fine if you do but that's not my jam. I've been around a bit too long to be interested in that and I prefer to work a bit differently. If I posted about the things people say/do to me on a daily basis I would have zero Facebook friends or a bunch of gripers, both of which are not fun :( Giving me an ultimatum over Facebook... I would have NEVER seen this as I've been working all day and my husband leaves this week and I don't really look at my newsfeed throughout the day.

And that is what people say about you for years Patrick, you beg, lie, cheat and steal but, you also never thank people for their service only on your facebook wall for a charity for your own sweaty trailer park pocket.

You love to argue and twist others views into a pity party or pretend you did nothing wrong, your sick and twisted mind does that well. All you cared about was the money and why should hard working people pay for your son to go to see our president, when you and all your other stupid liberal, poor, welfare living section 8 lazy democrats, wont even respect the man?????

You have shared more copied and pasted messages and even re fabricated them for your own gain, than merv griffen blew men, yet you get all upset because you see it as what a bitch when it works against you huh?????

You claim to dislike labels and say others are took quick to place them on people, hmmm lets see yu knew of Rudy in 2005 and started labeling him before you ever spoke to him, quite quick hypocrite.
I bet you are proud being in a nowhere failed 10 year wrestling career and the only true reason you were a top 500 in a magazine was an error, as the they were recently contacted confirming the other scott phoenix did way more and it's documented, you lost more matches and got hurt more times, than the outsiders and road house combined.

You left wresting because you couldn't hack it and because you wanted fame and glory and it failed because wwe would never ever look at you.

You had a fake and fraud company called hyperspace arcade that failed and you stole money and didn't fix things right, and had horrible customer service, just like you have no manners with your friends or followers, your condescending and arrogent, now wait I know well Rudy is the same what a hypocrite, lets get something Clear Rudy is not a fat smelly ugly fuck, like you, he is also not untalented and he don't give a fuck to be loved, followed or hated and or pity.

You however want it all Rudy don't care and why should he ? he gets all the fame and glory no matter what, your pathetic life and ill ways make him famous.

You claim you don't watch wrestling on TV anymore or care much well you certainly speak on it a lot and seem to miss it, clearly you are hurt you are not part of it and can't be so you stayyyy away, like a little bitch... You are not alone many failures do it.

You like to lie and say you forgave rudy and speak ill of him hours later lol, delusional huh?

Once again here is a new lie and of course will be denied later, you are happy and thankful for invites on any show to talk about gaming???? You denied Rudy when he offered your sorry ass 1000.00 for trivia, and Josh Houselander offered you a spotlight and what did you do ignored it and cried about it later, you claim you have not done this much????

Patrick you are the first brown noser like a fucking horny dog drooling to say to marc cohen, richie and others hey everyone let me know when the camera crew is here, I must be in front of the camera, you did this at funspot, and kong off 3 as well as any event you go to.

You are very good at lying and taking credit for things you never did or are capable of accomplishing but, you will do it at any cost and that is scary.

You claim your an anti bully guy and against harassment and protect woman of gaming, not to mention claim you are for the troops, yet you insulted and alienated a woman married to one and ignore the fact he was being deployed, you harassed her online and privately about your sons trip and sharing your so called private panhandler talks, and not only did you lose a friend but an outlet, someone with more followers and connections than you will ever have, and even more so her multi media personality claim is original, not stolen like you tried to steal for her, faker.....

The so called weather deal of yours hmmm  lets talk about it a little more!!!!!
by the way this is a person who not only you harassed but also knows and spoke to the others as well

 I can most certainly assure you that PSP sent out emails to more than "a select few people".   He sent his begging letter to people inside and outside of the community.  Friends relatives and minor celebreties.

3 of his email targets have already complained privately that he did not even send them a personal greeting.  He simply cut and pasted the same plea for help that he sent everyone else.  Very cold hearted and needy is how he comes across to those people.  He has been overheard ranting that his largest embarrassment will be to not achieve the funding that his sons school requires.   This is a test of his marketing skills (which he is failing at).  That mission has been accomplished.

Like the dictator of North Korea if you are caught speaking out against this man child he will publicly shame you and mock you and make you to be the victim of his own pussy possy.  He wants to pubicly shame anyone who complains.  This is his threat.  If you do not give the money and share the links you will be shunned and get no more work out his marketing machine.

Even his closest inner circle of sycophants laugh at that because they know that he posesses ZERO marketing power.

This latest defection of H.S. is just the start.  He is bullying her online and privately.



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