Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Open Letter To Patrick Scott Patterson: #5

Scores and credibility and your 7 day personal secretary

How credible are you when you falsely claim a perfect pacman, a donkey kong KS, and a flawless MTPO, with no recordings on any of your 700 plus scores????

When you were a referee and all about being a big scorer later to find out you couldn't hang with the big boys, you jumped ship we know that but, why didn't you record that historical score and submit it to Twingalaxies?

Why didn't your wife ref verify the score, like she did and tried to enter your FAKE donkey kong one?

You sure were quick to phone up your loco media circus yes loco because you have a bond with fools that don't fact check yo before, they come over to interview you, most likely the media didn't know what arcade pac man was.

You love to ride the coat tails as a wannabe billy mitchell or Todd Rogers, always jealous of the live and attention that is bestowed on Billy Michell....

Why didn't you support the claims of your own and put the evidence in the database at Twin Galaxies?

I will tell you why you were afraid knowingly you cheated and faked it, and did not want to face the facts of being called out again as a cheater, not the first time either.

So Patrick you hired an intern to help you with your multi media shoebox career/ secretarial type duties, and you refused to pay her, and she lasted ONE week.

I was told she got tired of more than one thing while you sat around playing xbox all day and living on the PC, while your wife works.

We got this from her directly you should be ashamed of yourself......


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