Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Open Letter To Patrick Scott Patterson: #6

 Site values vs. followers and more

You claim things are getting so much better and doing so well, why is your site worth less than 200.00 ?

Why do you have 1000's of followers yet only up to 53 visit your site a day?????

How come you have 1000's of followers and only 1-129 likes a day and to note the high likes are stolen photos you use of gaming stuff or biting off your son, which brody is more popular than you, pretty pathetic huh.

I mean we all know you bought your followers and most of them are not real, and in fact real or not the numbers show otherwise.

You almost kill screened your career, you tried submitting the cropped infamous kill screen to Twin Galaxies claiming you went from 2-300k to 841k overnight????
Now either your wife or yourself with your account verified that fake score but, no less than 3 former referees purged it from the database the very next day.
One week later you throw a public humiliation tantrum and upload a video where you cry
you cannot make this kind of bad publicity up!!!!!!!!
 Your website makes under a 1.00 a day, you have less than 60 people visit it per day, and have 1000's of followers, hmmmm
I say and know you bought them off fiverr and also installed follower apps!!!!!!!!!

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