Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Open Letter To Patrick Scott Patterson: #4

Storage Wars

We got a question for you where the fuck are the submission tapes and DVD'S you personally spoke of selling and using? and the threats you directly sent to Rudy for using them?

What did you do with them because they do not warp in a garage, that is not true or a storage unit, where is the property you stole of our submissions and scores, you say they are your ok by law since you had them for so long you can say that garbage but it it ethical?

You like to lie and pretend and paint this picture over your deep dirty dark life and past, that you are a trustworthy person but sitting on a virtual horde of taped performances speaks volumes and questions your moral and ethics, not to mention on how you could ever possibly be trusted....

How can you be trusted Patrick when you were caught and busted, not only as a ref and gamer for cheating but being busted for cheating on fantasy football????

You claim you save things from destruction and waste, yet you are clearly holding others pride possessions hostage.

You now spend all day while your wife works and beg others to pay your bills in private messages, going to thrift shops and telling other proprieters that you are some sort of half ass historian, with the faint and desperate hope that they will donate items, so you don't have to buy them and then you will keep all this merchandise in storage.

On that you note you have high hopes that the prices will increase and you can end up selling them, claiming you have all in your right or to exercise your rights, to reclaim all expenditures, as you are known for...

Your archive alley - is a personal piggy bank and money pit, not to save history or help anyone but yourself....

You have very foolish and stupid people giving you stuff and it's sad, hopefully god comes into play and takes it all away be it natural disaster or emergency crisis, it's what happens to evil, like your live off govt candidate you voted for, and puked in your mouth over the same man you wanna send your invalid to see in Washington paid for by others work......



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