Saturday, December 31, 2016

Open Letter to Patrick Scott Patterson #2 :

This is PART II

You talk a big game about paying cash for a PC congrats you do what 90% of the normal world does, lap tops and pc's are at an all time low disposable price, so you paying 300-600 cash is not impressive, what is funny you can't go out and get a camera worth more than 100.00 that sure showed u never used your kickstarter money for anything grand and used it to pay bills, considering your last steamy greasy video where you looked baked and fried in your eyes, crying to Rudy and Bill.

To boot Rudy and Bill and others pay mostly their stuff in cash and have worked real jobs and put in time to earn amazing credit, you don't even have a credit card and if you do have one it's a joint account and  unsecured.

You claim you treasure hunt for POP culture stuff and do it well, ok so you do what Rudy and many others did in the 80s and 90's dumpster diving, and side rode pick ups and a garage sales and now the big thing thrift stores, yet claim you never shop at goodwill, you are about 26 years late. I will tell you any loser can do what you do and does big big news.

we would love to see the claims of TV you been barking on for years, well here is what is the kicker you are not SAG or even SAG E in the real world of fame and TV without that you are dead in the water and that is a fact, nobody will ever take you serious, however Rudy has been on Television, pilots, modeled for WHAL, and is a SAG actor, unlike you Patrick, Rudy has a real job and real responsibilities, so he does his work and auditions when he can.

You claim your wife and kids know the truth and of course it's easy to fall back on your family and little kids, just as much as you cook them for publicity you cook and use them for protection and or merit, which in fact is the biggest crock I have ever heard, but you have no shame or pity or morals, and that is no shock considering your dark, and dirty history.

You claim suddenly you don't eat fast food seven days a week, yet you did a wing video claiming daily, your posts show it and even more so, you said we eat out mostly which means in fact, you eat fast food idiot, you obviously cannot cook, and that is pathetic. I heard you say we ate steak the other night yeah where at Friday's with all the add ins? and home made lasagna with all the grease and cheese and high sodium moron, big big health nut you are, when was the last time you drank water, or ate fruits and veggies?, clearly your repulsive beaker appearance and looking like a human thumb proved otherwise.

To add you paid for your PC in cash with kickstarter money not impressed.

Patrick you like to insult Rudy saying he turns 38 next year and has not advanced, well he has obtained his SAG card, has been on an EMMY nominated and award winning show, Rudy has worked for some of the finest hotels in the business and has made more money in one year than you make every 6, you are the one who spends 18 hours a day on social media everyone sees you are up all day and night lurking, reporting, stealing content and posting arguing and responding to every social site in universe, while your wife earns the bread.

You claim Rudy does not settle down why would he ? He loves woman and gets them, rejection is normal having over 100 woman is quite impressive these days, sure we tell him settle down and he will eventually.

You claim your rant is to say to Rudy you forgive him lol, for what for all the wrong doing you did and continue to do? Patrick if anything you are the mental one here and need help, your life is a combination of compulsive and pathological lying without care or guilt, it's so serious doctors cannot even understand it.

It's so sad Patrick we feel sorry for you, as you live to cling and impress others your entire fabricated life, from your cover up of failed businesses to wrong doings and ripping others off.

What is really pathetic is that you beg and post the same things over and over again that don't get any attention ever wonder why ???? You getting 50-100 likes for your kid is called people love kids so you use your poor sons for publicity because nobody cares about you and your fake life, nobody wants to see your crud in your teeth on selfies with young girls, and nobody cares about videos you stole or content you ripped from others, later to try cry and tell others I got a family to feed, you do a great job taking food out of your own kids mouth.

You have been caught in numerous lies and scandals along with you radical red head pig feminazi queen. I love how you claim the event Rudy went to in Denver was small time considering he was flown and wined and dined, paid to play and others made 5 figures in prizes makes it quite large, you just cannot play games and proved that at Kong off 3, all you did was cling to Cat and rumors have it slept together and we can see why.

You clearly tried to make your wife look like rachel lara. claiming you granstand on the rooftop shouting out baby I am ready to go Republica, when in fact you were not on a rooftop and taking a photo on the mid level top.

You claim you were a Nintendo Championship semi finalist with no pics or video but said, the media made you choke and news, where the hell is that footage? and the two major champions said they never saw you or heard of you, and that the Semi finalist T shirts were sold to anyone, which you clearly bought, look at your scores, if you in fact were a champion you would have a fastest completion and high score on MTPO on your 700 plus pathetic resume of scores, you have glass joe, you have no credible Tetris score and as for SMB well your score is ok I guess.

Fact Robin and Thor never heard of you or saw you at any Nintendo event.

In closing of this statement before we respond to your circle of nobodies but scabs when you use a child that was clearly lacked of breast feeding, and speaks like a year old at the age of 7 for publicity, you are gonna get ripped about it, not only does it alienate your own son, it make you look like the desperate low life you are.

You sure are great at awaiting death of people you know nothing about having articles ready to go but don't even sign their death book, and you sure like to brag about the hits you got on those articles, you must be really proud writing about dead people being a corpse writer must be a grandstand on life and cough up a feel like rush huh?

 Would bet you have drafts of articles awaiting for when Walter, billy and Todd die as well as others too...

You get help Patrick you come out and admit to the lies be real you will get more respect for it, being a wannabe cartoon character does not work today, your PM's get hacked we see who you are and what you are all about, if you were real and legit you would beloved and respected by others, you are clearly a fraud the internet proves it and history, Rudy is not the only one talking about your dark life pal, it's scarlet lettered all over the world....

You must have more hard times sleeping than ever, we know u lost many nights in the past several years not due to work or ideas.

You don't block people hahahah you have more people blocked than anyone on FB combined, and more threats and insults trying to control what others post in response to your fabricated lies on FB.

Talk about fact checking how much did you suck off pr pay Matt Avery to write that fabricated lie about you patrick, anyone that fact checks you knows it is not true what he claims of you.....


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