Friday, December 30, 2016

Open Letter to Patrick Scott Patterson :

I hope everyone is reading this and he should too and we know he will because he loves to send pity in Rudy J. Ferretti's direction

You claim you have nothing to prove yet you do so by your daily pity party to your no name followers and ridiculous hacks and fellow Libtards and democrats that live off their own wives and others and or social media fund raisers.

You claim life is grand and you have all these wonderful things going on yet all anyone of merit sees is a bum  who doesn't work sits on a 18% interest couch that cost about 500.00 and dirty feet on a carpet in a shoebox home you never could afford to clean and or are just a god damn pig like many of your kind. Is that a WHITE LASH?????

The reason you expose so much of your miserable life is that you lack very basic, self awareness, you just don't see how much of a fool you are and others like Rudy make's out of you and we know this because you cried to multiple people on the phone including begging Jace hall to take down a post that was damning to your garage party career, and who the fuck are we kidding how do you damn a nobody? Not to mention taking your kids to hooters that night posting 3 full glasses of beer you are clearly an alcoholic and a horrible role model as a parent.

You continuously embarrass yourself to the entire social media universe, that you scraped together by attending 3rd tier loser cons where you likely get a meal ticket and a standard room if that, and we can fend for that the time you were so drunk that you took a rub a dub dub 3 men a tub type pic with yourself bragging about your booty pooping which is so vivid that with 3-4 grown men one with his dick in his hand and a second next to him and while you sleep in a blow up bed we will be courteous this time to not post the pic, clearly sleeping on a blow up mattress is not grandstanding pal.

You claim you work several jobs including PR work despite you claim and get offended when people call you a writer or reporter and don't use your real name which is patrick loser not scott. You have proven with your recent miserable kickstarter failure, that you are the worst PR person in the business and after 90 days of NOTHING, you had to beg and threaten your friends and social media ass clowns to couch up money for your families right to Washington or right to eat gourmet steak at Rudy's, gee you really love that name don't ya????

You say and or claim you are doing better than 8 years ago hhmmm, good stolen phrase like everything else you steal but Imagine how better off your family would be, If you just got off your lazy smelly fat ass and got yourself a fucking real job like the rest of us, and we know you never had one Melissa proved this by saying you never wore a tie, hey bum news for ya since 1980 if you show up at an interview without a fucking suit and tie well at least for a real job, you will not get a fucking job. Median income in Denton TX  is under 25k per person and since you dont work this means Melissa is making maybe 35k alone while you make shit that is a joke and a disgrace.

You scrape by making maybe 10.00 an article after you beg others to click and share it for ya, you get 0 dollars for an appearance fee, you get maybe 50.00 for donating video content that is usually stolen or rebroadcasted by you, and you get 0 dollars for all these deals that are eternally around the bend.

I will say all of that is for 1 lousy month of social media squatting, a real man would put his family first, and his hobby 2nd or 3rd, well maybe now it's time for us to give you some long awaited free press shall we????

Apparently someone from your stinky inner circle, is disgusted with your recent underhanded as usual attempt to capitalize on personal tragedy and disasters.

Look what this inner circle sent us!!!!!!!!

Your favorite retired referee is selling home videos to tv channels.

his up and coming career as a weather channel video producer is simply him selling video footage of his relatives getting their house knocked down by a tornado.
He is going to profit from somebody elses personal disaster and you can bet your ass that he is not willing to share the proceeds with the people hurt because of the storm.

He is also very angry at people like Keilback who dare to challenge his post, he sends them private messages threatening them privately. 

The above proves you are a not to be trusted white trailer park trash pig, and your own family is used by you for any fucking penny you can make profit from, you are an embarrassment to gaming, society and your parents should be slapped for raising such a scum con artist to say the least...............

We know now you will panic and try to twist this fact among all facts of your dirty deeds of your life.

And this one just makes me piss my pants I love this next claim, you claim you never NEVER block anyone? How come in 2015 on NEW YEARS day, you announce that you were unblocking everyone having a fresh start???

We all know you only unblocked others just to see what they were saying and to brag while you report and live to take down Rudy's facebook and twitch to later brag proving the archives are in fact real that you had it out for rudy, and were caught on many occasions, to boot you dismiss and ignore the claims of you not only cheating but using extra lives on games trying to fool refs......

By the way how can anyone of merit trust a man with kickstarter money, who cannot even be honest enough to submit legit scores? and in fact have his wife while a ref living in ur arms attempting to enter your proven stolen and fake DK score????

Patrick how is it your kid learns any value of honest fund raising, when his old man is the one, who shuffles around on social media, with his hat in his hand, and a pickle up his ass????
 And just in case because we know you didn't get much education and ur sons apple didnt fall too far from the tree this means your anger towards your non funders comes out and you make yourself look like a bigger jackass of desperation and to lie and claim you can cover the costs yourself, it proves you just want another fucking handout money for nothing and the checks for free, yes asshole I stole that from dire straits....

You tell people like rudy who is 210 pounds maybe 13% bf and very strong and active and a hell of an athlete, yet your neck is about 45 inches with no definition or addams apple, and a gut the size of greece. telling rudy to go to the gym and he does, that's like getting advice tips from jabba the hut, maybe king hippo to go with your fabricated MTPO Punchout story.


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